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Are you looking to discover more about smart contracts? This blog is exclusively for you. You will get to learn more about how smart contracts function, why testing them is important, how they are advantageous over traditional contracts, and a lot more. 

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The Role of Third Parties in Centralized Systems

When two parties negotiate, have to conclude on a matter, or transfer money, there is a third party that comes in between to make things happen without a dispute. Due to the involvement of third parties, the transaction fees are high; there may be a delay in the process and other unnecessary matters.

When there is a decentralized system that allows the peers to transfer money, send documents, make negotiations without involving third parties, then the whole process becomes quick, easy, less time-consuming.

This is precisely what the smart contracts do. They are platforms that enable peer-to-peer communication, negotiation, self-enforcement of the given rules, and on the whole, make everything simple across the borders. 

Smart Contracts Implementation

The smart contracts are codes written on the blockchain platform. These are decentralized, autonomous and execute an action (like crediting money to an account, delivering documents to a person) when the given rules are met.

These are free from government or central body interference. Also, smart contracts play a major role when there are cross-border functions.

Why is Auditing Smart Contracts Crucial?

The blockchain platform does not allow us to edit, delete, or tamper the data at any cost. However, any action performed will be stored there in the form of blocks. In such a case, a small error could lead to a huge loss if left unnoticed. 

The process of examining smart contracts for any possible errors and testing the functions is called smart contract auditing

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